Work With Me


I work with online entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to streamline their social media strategy, create engaging content and authentically brand themselves online.

And for those just beginning their entrepreneurial journey, I talk with you about creating your unique brand, finding your voice online and who you Ideal Client is and where to find them.

With my support as your copywriter and editor, you can focus on your “zone of genius” and do the things in your business that are important to your growth and make your soul sing.

You won’t ever have to worry about whether a comma is in the right place, how to create an engaging sales page or what to write on your home page…because that is my job!

What makes me stand out as a Copywriter?

I am truly invested in YOU. I am your partner-in-crime, your team member…I put skin in the game and want to see you and your biz absolutely thrive. I mean, not only is it more fun that way, but working with people you “click” with on a more personal level makes the business stuff even more awesome and badass. I’m not just gonna write up a sales page and peace out…I’m invested in your success.

Are we a match?

As much as I’d love to help every single person I meet, there are select people I work with best (this goes for both men and women.)

  1. Millennial (or young at heart!)
  2. A sense of humor and love for sarcasm
  3. Goal setter, driven, go-getter
  4. Are committed to their work and business. If I’m putting effort into your business, you better be too. No disappearing for a couple weeks at a time. Period.
  5. Believe you CAN achieve what you desire and live life by your design
  6. Are totally ok with four-letter words spewing from my mouth on occasion
  7. Have a clear focus and vision for your business (even if it changes down the line, you need to have that focus now so I can help you!)
  8. An open mind, can take constructive criticism, teachable
  9. Love for musical theatre, Pitbull music and wine/coffee/chocolate… (not a must, but if this is you, OMG we’re like Soul Sisters/Brothers)

If you “swiped right”* on all of those, then YEEHAW, we are a match made in heaven.

(*For those of you who have managed to avoid the Tinder world, “swiped right,” basically means you said “HELL YES!” to all of those.)

Book a free “getting-to-know-you” call HERE and let’s see how we can make magic with your biz.