Lindsey Social Media ManagerDoes your website need a little revamp? Does your copy not reflect you, your personality or your brand? Do you hate editing? Have about a million ideas in your head, but can’t get them down on paper?

Perfect! I can help.

I love working with clients to jazz up the current copy on their website, edit their newsletters and blogs, write sparkly sales pages…basically do anything to make their words and ideas shine. 
I believe any written online content should be an extension and reflection of you and your brand. You want your audience to feel as though you’re talking to them in person when they read through your website. Your business, organization and personal brand should be full of your authentic voice and passion.
With my help, entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best in their business on a daily basis. I specialize in bringing the personality of your business to life through written word.  ..
If you’re struggling with copy or getting your ideas onto paper (well, a Word Document), let’s talk!
Here’s what I offer:
~ Monthly copywriting and editing services
~ Newsletter writing
~ Blog writing
~ Opt-In Pages
~ Emails for an auto-responder series or sales funnel
~ Editing blog posts, newsletters, documents or other content for your business
~ ….basically any other word-related, content creation you can think of ;)
Wanna chat? Book a free 30-minute “Getting-to-Know-You” call HERE and we can discuss how I can help you with WORDS :)
Let's stay connected!
I look forward to making your website the perfect extension of you and your brand!

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