About Lindsey

LindseyHi, I’m Lindsey! A San Diego gal with a love for writing, a passion for musical theatre and an outrageous crush on Simon Baker. A dear friend once said of me: “Your passion is to pursue passion” and that’s a pretty accurate description of me and my purpose.

By day (and sometimes by night) I am a copywriter, editor and social media strategist. I work with online entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to streamline their social media strategy, create engaging content and authentically brand themselves online.

Writing is my “zone of genius,” and gives me an opportunity to empower and serve others while I empower and serve myself by doing something that I LOVE to do.
I attended college at Northeastern University in Boston, where I earned my BA in Journalism. Because of this background and training, my writing is clear, concise and clean. I’m hyper-attentive to detail and take pride in my work. I also have a natural talent for capturing the essence of a person’s voice, spirit and message through written word.
Past and current clients of mine have been small brick-and-mortar businesses, non-profit organizations, start-ups, online entrepreneurs and coaches…you name it! I have the most experience in the health and wellness (I am a certified holistic health coach), hospitality, travel, food, theatre, lifestyle and business coaching industries.
Random fun facts:
1. I’m a total musical theatre lover. I have danced for 20 years (tap, ballet, jazz) and have been singing/acting/performing for almost 15 years. If there is one thing I could live, eat and breathe every day, it’s theatre ;)
2. I have a feather-baby named Pearl. He’s been my little love since I was TEN! He thinks he’s human and he loooooves being my “assistant.” He manages all my Twitter accounts. Ba-da-boom-ch.
3. I’m blessed to live in San Diego, right near all my family :)
4. I’ve lived in Boston, Napa and San Francisco, but none of them compare to my SD.
5. I’m a coffee/wine/dark chocolate lover. I’ve convinced myself that they’re all part of a healthy Mediterranean diet.
I’m a no-pressure kind of gal, but if you’ve resonated with something I said or just want to chat a little bit to see if we’re a good match, let’s talk!

Book a FREE “Getting-to-Know-You” call below and let’s see how we can make magic with your biz.

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3 thoughts on “About Lindsey

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks so much, I appreciate it :D I’m glad you enjoyed some of my posts! I LOVE the name of your site and your tagline…it’s one of my favorite quotes. I’m looking forward to following your adventures as well. Travel is one of my passions too! (I actually have a new site where I post my travel blogs and videos, if you were more interested in that: http://www.lindsey-oconnor.com) Looking forward to connecting with you Lisa! xo


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