My FAVORITE Social Media Tip

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Hello lovelies!

Today I’m sharing one of my FAVORITE tips (aka: it saves my ass) for social media management. It is something I use for my own social media content and what I use for each of my clients.

I have made a beautiful video explaining it, but if you’re more of a in-and-out-give-me-the-information kind of person, I’m writing this short (HA! #notinthislifetime) blog post and explanation for you…

We’re going to create a content calendar. (You can download yours HERE. It’s an excel sheet. It’s free. No sign-up BS.) 

As in, take 20-30 minutes ONE DAY each week and plan out what you’re going to post on your social media platforms for the rest of the week and get that shiznit scheduled.

Think of it as meal prep, but for social media. 

So many online entrepreneurs and small business owners I talk to all have one thing in common: the social media side of their business tends to be a drag.

“UGH, I have to post this on Facebook and Twitter, don’t I?” or “I need to be more active on social media, I just don’t have time!” or “I know social media is important and I think I have a Facebook page, but I just don’t know what to do with it.” 

It’s always the last thing on your mind because when you’re doing business for yourself and doing what love, your mind is always on that side of it. Of growing your business and doing more of what you love.

Social media is a very necessary aspect of your business, but it may not be something you particularly enjoy or have time to do.

So that is where this tip comes in handy, and that is why it’s so awesome to have a social media manager and copywriter on your team too!

Are you ready to create your own content calendar? Download it HERE and let’s get started.

I mean, I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory, but in case it isn’t, here’s an explanation.

I’ve made rows for each different social media platform that you could be on. (Remember, you don’t have to do all of them! Just pick one or two to do consistently.) I have then made columns for each day of the week.

So, let’s go through this together…(PSA: You can totally fill out this content calendar with a glass of wine or during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show.)

Let’s say you’re a health coach, so on Monday you post an inspirational quote for “Motivational Monday.” Write that quote in there. On Tuesday, you want to share your favorite breakfast recipe. Again, write that post in your content calendar.

Fill up the rest of the week…remember, you want to be posting valuable, juicy content for your followers, with some promotions sprinkled in.

Then pop into your Facebook page and schedule the content to go out automatically each day. This way, you don’t have to worry about posting each, individual post…just pop back on your page each day to engage with your lovely followers.

You can schedule your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., posts through platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer. For Instagram, I just pre-write daily posts in my iPhone’s Notes app. Then I just copy/paste that into Instagram, with a picture, and POST IT.

And, because I love you, there is an extra tab on the content calendar. This is where you can write down 5 categories of topics you want to be posting about and 3 things that make YOU unique. These two exercises will help you focus in on the type of content you would like to post and the kind of content that is valuable to your audience.

Anyhoo, I think that’s it for now…but who knows, I’m finishing a glass of wine, so my laser-sharp focus is mildly dulled.

Enjoy using this calendar! Seriously, just spend a wee bit of extra time one day each week to plan out your social media content. Then schedule that shit. That way, the stress of having to remember to post each day is gone.

Any questions? Post a comment below or email me :)

6 thoughts on “My FAVORITE Social Media Tip

  1. Doesn’t wine make planning more fun?! Actually, I take that back… it makes almost EVERYTHING more fun! I love the idea of thinking about what makes you unique. In a sea of sameness, it’s easy to forget what special sauce YOU bring to the party. I’m also big into iPhone notes… pretty much every post of mine starts out there. Score 1 for free, simple apps!


    • Haha, I agree, it does make everything more fun! ;) I love how you said that: “the special sauce YOU bring to the party.” So true. Ohhh, and I love me some iPhone notes too. It’s the best for writing down quick post ideas! Thanks Katie! xoxo


  2. So my one question is this. Are you saying it takes you 20 – 30 minutes a week to plan & schedule all your posts? It takes me more than that just to schedule on day’s worth of posts.

    I focus on Pinterest and Facebook, so there are images to make. My goal is to include at least one video a week on Facebook, so there’s that to shoot. And I need to promote my current blog posts plus the old top performers.

    It seems like everyone says it takes so little time to get this sorted out – but it takes me so long. Am I missing something?



    • Hi Jane! This is a great question. The 20-30 minutes per week applies more to people who are doing one, maybe two, platforms that aren’t as image-focused. I find that if people use only 1-2 platforms (like FB and Twitter) have daily themes for those platforms, they’re able to find/create content and schedule it a little more quickly to go out throughout the week.

      For you, it sounds a little more involved (but in a good way, I can tell you’re putting out quality, valuable content!) So it may take longer in terms of creation and scheduling.

      Is there any way you could plan your week’s worth of posts on Sunday (write out a few notes on what you’ll be posting each day), create a few images to go out, shoot your video, etc.? I’m wondering if “batching” the content creation/scheduling for one or two days a week would save some time?

      But, the thing is, if you like putting together your content and you feel it’s a good use of your time- totally go for it. Some people I know can’t stand social media, so they want to get it done as soon as possible ;) haha

      Let me know if you have any other questions- happy to help! Have a great weekend!

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