Starbucks Has Ruined Christmas

Peet's Christmas Coffee Cup

(Dear Beautiful Readers, this is a satirical post. I intend for it to be humorous ;) )

Peet's Christmas Coffee CupDear Starbucks,

I have waited 10 months for your red Christmas cups to make their appearance. To me, they really represent the true meaning behind the festive holiday season. But when I went into my local store the other day, I was shocked and angered by what I saw. There was no delightfully decorated red cup to drink my decadent beverage from. Instead, I was given something that proves to me there is, indeed, a war on Christmas. How could you do this to your loyal customers?

Thank GOD Peet’s Coffee still has snowflakes and tree ornaments on their red coffee cups, because Starbucks has single-handedly RUINED Christmas for me with their plain, all-inclusive red cups. No amount of Nutcracker-listening, gingerbread-making or pine tree scented candle snorting will make up for how they have just stripped Christmas of all its meaning.


I Literally Can’t Even

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*Again, this is satire. I repeat, this is satire.*

4 thoughts on “Starbucks Has Ruined Christmas

  1. You had me going for a sec there! I was beginning to wonder if I should bother letting you know how fortunate you are that a mere cup could be the worst of your problems, or just take the high road. I am relieved to see that you are joking. The news must have been really slow for a cup to make headlines this week. The people who are truly angered about this have lost the true meaning behind the holiday. I still wonder if this whole thing was satire to begin with…it’s so ridiculous lol


    • Ahhh I’m sorry to have scared you! Yes, I am completely joking in that post. haha It’s outrageous that people were so upset about it…I keep thinking, “do you have any idea what’s going on in the world right now?!?” I agree, they have lost the true meaning of the holiday. BUT, on a positive note, it just gives me more reason to try and spread health, happiness and good vibes around to all ;)

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