When It’s Ok to Ditch “The Plan”


Granada“Friends and partners to celebrate life with, abundance to enhance any adventure, and mountains to perch atop, Lindsey, all arrive when you dwell upon the celebration, the adventure, and the view. Not names, lotteries, or the path you think wisest. Yes, Lindsey, you can have whatever you want, anything. Just don’t confuse what you want with how you’re going to get it.” –The Universe

THAT LAST LINE THOUGH. Once again, The Universe popping his/her/its(?) sweet head in my email inbox with a reminder to not focus on HOW to make things happen.

Focus on the WHAT, and the HOW will come to you.

And I’m pretty certain the path you take to get to your WHAT will be full of unicorns, baby animals, organic dark chocolate growing from trees and a free membership to the wine club of your choice and Uptown Funk playing on repeat.

Or maybe that’s just me….

Do you ever get caught up in the HOW to make things happen? So much that it hinders you from actually doing anything productive to reach your goals? Your dreams?

It holds us back from taking action to actualize our dreams because we think we need to first figure out HOW we’re going to make it happen…that we first need to figure out a very detailed plan and THEN we can start doing.

Screw that. That’s a one-way express ticket to Stagnant-Do-Nothingville.

Just DO. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a clue HOW you’re going to make your WHAT happen.

If you start to take action in ways that feel aligned with your soul and higher purpose, and take actions that make you a little scared (that means you’re outside of your comfort zone- huzzah!), the HOW will appear and the path to your what will become more clear.

Take that first step. Doesn’t matter what it is. But take it. Even a little baby step will make a significant impact. And it will also tell The Universe you’re not screwing around anymore and you’re ready to receive more clarity on your HOW.

What step will you take today!? Share in the comments below!!

Are you unsure of what step to take? Talk to me!! We’ll figure it out together. #badassteamwork

5 Secrets to Manifesting and Visualizing #likeaboss

Lindsey Social Media Manager
Today we are discussing one of my favorite topics: manifestation and visualization. I LOVE talking about this shizzle and I know it can be very powerful if done consistently.
1. Write down everything that you DO want. So often we focus on what we don’t want, that we actually aren’t 100% sure on what we do want and would like to manifest. Get cozy with all the nitty, gritty details that you DO want. Down to the color of your dream sofa, what your co-worker’s name will be, what pictures are on your desk and what nickname your awesome-sauce partner calls you.
2. Create a vision board. Be creative! Cut out pictures and paste them on another paper that you hang somewhere and see ALL ZEE TIME! Make boards on Pinterest, make a collage for your desktop picture, make a picture for your phone. Be sure to include images, words and phrases that represent how you want to feel when you have manifested your goals and dreams. Connect your emotions to it all.

3. Talk in the present tense, like it’s already happened. I don’t want to hear anything along the lines of “If…” or “It would be great if….” “I don’t know if it will happen, but….” CHICA. It will happen. It’s already happening behind the scenes. So talk as if you have it all right now or it’s happening. Not “if,” but WHEN. ;)

4. Be grateful for what you DO have and what you are currently doing. I know, I know…you’re probably like, “SAY WHAT?” I know this is a hard one, but seriously, be grateful and show appreciation for what you do have and are currently doing. No matter how crappy, show up every day to work, your apartment, etc. like it’s the best thing ever and be ready and willing to give your 100%. This causes magical, karmic alignment and the Universe then is ready to provide when you’re appreciative of what you DO have.

5. Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve your goals and dreams. Cause you can. Always hold firm in the belief that you are amazing, you can and WILL achieve your goals and dreams and have the full capability to achieve all that you want to in your life. Your life is an unwritten script, a blank chapter, an un-molded piece of clay (anyone else get an image of Lucille Ball molding that clay in the one I Love Lucy episode??) Surround yourself with people or a community that believes in you and reminds you daily of your greatness and badassery.

SO. Which tip will you tackle this week? Which ones do you already do? Comment below! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Need a laugh?

It’s late…and I had lofty goals of posting wayyyy earlier in the evening and writing something, you know, meaningful, but 10pm happened and, well, my brain sort of shut down.

I’ll save all my meaningful, insightful shit for tomorrow :)

Meanwhile, I gathered a small menagerie of memes that I came across this afternoon while organizing some of my Pinterest boards (it was a really hard task guys, don’t hate.)

These several memes made me laugh out loud (literal “lol”) and I wanted to share them here. Hopefully they put a smile on your face or actually make you LOL.


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Dreaming of Sevilla


Palace of Alcazar, SevillaI’ve been thinking a lot about Sevilla, Spain recently. I went there for four months during college for an international internship and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. As strange as this may sound, I feel like I left a little bit of my heart and soul there and it’s been wandering around ever since I left. That’s been over 4 years ago. It’s time to go back. My heart aches to be in the city again and see all the sights that had become so familiar to me.

I’ve actually been looking at different opportunities to travel back to Spain and live in Sevilla for a period of time. There’s a teaching English program through LanguageCorps that I found and I’ve been considering that. I would go back in May, do a 4-week intensive teaching English course and then find a job at one of the local schools for the summer and fall months.

Lindsey in SevillaI could also just do my social media management and freelancing, all of which is remote and can be done with a laptop and wifi, while I travel back there.

I’m open for different opportunities to bring me back to Sevilla, whether they’re through an organization/company, or I make my own opportunity. All I know is, I need to go back. I have to. Something is calling me in Sevilla and I don’t quite what it is or what it’s for…but I know I can’t ignore the flame that has been burning slowly, almost unnoticed, for the past several years.

So far, through my research, one-way tickets to Madrid aren’t outrageously expensive for next May. I have enough JetBlue points (thank you Universe) to get me back to JFK where I would catch a one-way flight to Madrid and then take a train down to Sevilla. I would prefer a train because 1) I’m not a huuuuuge fan of flying  2) By the time I got through customs, into the domestic terminal, caught a short flight to Seville, took a taxi into the city…I almost feel like it would be the same amount of time/effort as if I just took a train. lol. And besides, I want to see the landscape from Madrid to Sevilla, since I never travelled north of Sevilla.


View from La Alhambra in Granada

Ahhhh. I can’t wait until I’m back :)

I found this video that I must’ve watched 1,000 times before I went to Sevilla the first time in college. Watching it now I started crying…that song will forever be connected to Spain for me. It’s beautiful.

Quick and easy chicken tacos

Quick, Easy Chicken Tacos

Quick, Easy Chicken TacosOne of my favorite parts about the weekend is that I am home for breakfast, lunch and (usually) dinner. I always make my meals throughout the week and take a meal-prepped lunch to work, but there is something really fun and relaxing about cooking on the weekend. It gives me a little time to experiment and make what I’m craving.

Today, that was chicken tacos.

I had all the ingredients in my fridge, because I had made chicken tacos and a chicken taco salad earlier in the week.

And because I had all the ingredients here and ready to go, my lunch was made in about 10 minutes. #winning


  1. Corn tortillas*
  2. Salsa*
  3. Avocados
  4. Lettuce
  5. Chicken (I used a roast chicken from the grocery store)
  6. Black beans*

Quick and healthy chicken tacos

*When buying these things, look for brands with the least amount of ingredients. For example, corn tortillas, I used organic corn tortillas with just water, stoneground organic yellow corn flower and lime. Avoid brands that have a paragraph-long ingredient list. That’s bull shit. Seriously. Why the hell do you need 20 ingredients to make corn tortillas or salsa. My salsa is from a local ‘mom and pop’ Mexican restaurant here in the city and is made with fresh ingredients (no weird fillers, sugars or chemicals…because, again, WHY.) When getting black beans, just get…black beans. I noticed some brands add “spices” and “flavors” to it. Ew, no. Just get the plain black beans dammit.



Quick, healthy chicken tacosI turned my oven on to “bake” at 400º and placed 2 tortillas on the rack, so they could heat and crisp up a bit.

After about 5-7 minutes, they were cooked/heated to my liking and I placed them on the plate.

From there I mashed 1/4 of an avocado on each tortilla. (You can use less if you want, I’m just an avocado, healthy fats/oils fanatic.) Then I placed the lettuce leaves on that (so they’d sort of stick lol). Topped it with black beans, salsa and pieces of roast chicken. Added a little sea salt and pepper and lunch was served!

Super yummy :)

You can do any variation of this if you want, make them vegetarian, add cheese, etc. Whatever you like. These tacos are delicious and made with whole food ingredients.
You can easily make this into a taco salad by putting all of those ingredients into a bowl of mixed greens. You can crumble a crispy corn tortilla on top, or omit it completely.

Healthy Chicken Tacos

What are your favorite taco recipes?

Pearls of Wisdom: The Dangers of Flight

Pearl Fails At Flight

Pearl Fails At FlightHi, my name is Pearl O’Connor and today I scared the living bejeezus out of my mom.

She was taking me to my favorite spot on top of the fridge, where I can feel super tall and sing to my reflection in the microwave door, and I got a little overzealous about getting there…and in a fit of passionate birdie enthusiasm, I took flight off mom’s shoulder, forgetting that for the past 15 years I haven‘t been able to fly. Well, needless to say, I missed my mark, rammed into the fridge and fell down with a thud on the kitchen floor. It was a big thud and I got the birdie wind knocked out of me pretty bad.

For the next 15 minutes or so, I was breathing with my beak half-open and my eye-lids were semi-shut. I think this freaked mom out, because in the 15 years she’s been my mom, I’ve never done this. I mean, she kept holding me close to her face, kissing me, asking what was wrong and this weird wet stuff was coming from her eye-balls. I mean, I knew I was fine, I was just more embarrassed that I had failed at flight.

Anyways, I’m fine now, but mom keeps looking at me like I might explode. She’s been carrying me around this entire morning. It’s getting annoying. I mean, I just want to eat and poop in peace!


For those of you who don’t know, Pearl is my birdie of 15 years…you can find out a little more about him here.

Anyone else have funny bird/pet stories they want to share!? I’d love to hear :)

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Business cards, job titles and pufferfish

I was on a high from (FINALLY) publishing my first post last night, so I decided to ride that wave of awesome and continue to get shizzle done today. To-do’s that I’ve been dawdling on for a while.

*insert sheepish foot circles here*

Unfortunately this morning I was riding that wave a liiiiiiittle too hard and in my fit of passionate enthusiasm, like a small child on Christmas morning, I took a sip of my coffee right after it had been brewed.

Which, for those of you (saints) who don’t drink coffee, this is a time when the coffee is really effing hot. Something I should’ve recognized by the full steam facial I got as I was bringing the cup up to my mouth to take that first, fateful sip.

I’m getting sidetracked.

Anyways, a burned tongue, although causing me to talk with a heavy lisp today, did not deter me from my mission of getting shit done.

First on the agenda: business cards.

Again, something I’ve been putting off and getting caught up in the design/aesthetics of. Is that too frilly? That looks too corporate. Are those colors really me? WHAT SHOULD MY JOB TITLE BE!?

I had a heated debate with myself over whether this would be an appropriate choice.

I have my beautiful BA in Journalism (and no, “BA” does not stand for “Badass” in this case unfortunately). I’ve dappled with social media and I’m a certified holistic health coach. I’m also currently taking a 9-week course in social media management, something I’m really interested in pursuing because I like that kind of work, it’s usually remote, it pays well and would allow me to fulfill my current plan of traveling and living abroad in Sevilla, Spain and throughout Europe next summer and fall.

Anyways, I finally settled on Social Media Manager (a little premature maybe, but one can pretend), Writer and Freelancer (because I do freelance writing stuffs.)

But this was not after I’d gone through several other options of job titles:

  1. 12th in line to the English throne
  2. Trevor Noah’s future wife
  3. Freemason
  4. PSL Basic Bitch
  5. CFO of my budget
  6. Bird Whisperer, specializing in Cockatiel dialects
  7. Donald Trump Campaign Advisor
  8. Award-Winning Pufferfishsmooth-puffer-fish
    Although any of those would get me hired in an instant (who wouldn’t want a Freemasonic Basic Pufferfish Bitch writing their social media and website content?), SMM, Writer and Freelancer fit best into the 2 x 2 pixels they allowed for me to write my job title.

And to sign off for today, I found this on the inter webs. PSL anyone? 200_s
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