Need a laugh?

It’s late…and I had lofty goals of posting wayyyy earlier in the evening and writing something, you know, meaningful, but 10pm happened and, well, my brain sort of shut down.

I’ll save all my meaningful, insightful shit for tomorrow :)

Meanwhile, I gathered a small menagerie of memes that I came across this afternoon while organizing some of my Pinterest boards (it was a really hard task guys, don’t hate.)

These several memes made me laugh out loud (literal “lol”) and I wanted to share them here. Hopefully they put a smile on your face or actually make you LOL.


8f97ac3d5a4ae6acaf6acfae042b2c57 459bea6c071900e756f993109dd0247d 991bfeaedb1c3c449aad39932d135480 0138195a512c6ad22e52d50fb35f45c5


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