Dreaming of Sevilla


Palace of Alcazar, SevillaI’ve been thinking a lot about Sevilla, Spain recently. I went there for four months during college for an international internship and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. As strange as this may sound, I feel like I left a little bit of my heart and soul there and it’s been wandering around ever since I left. That’s been over 4 years ago. It’s time to go back. My heart aches to be in the city again and see all the sights that had become so familiar to me.

I’ve actually been looking at different opportunities to travel back to Spain and live in Sevilla for a period of time. There’s a teaching English program through LanguageCorps that I found and I’ve been considering that. I would go back in May, do a 4-week intensive teaching English course and then find a job at one of the local schools for the summer and fall months.

Lindsey in SevillaI could also just do my social media management and freelancing, all of which is remote and can be done with a laptop and wifi, while I travel back there.

I’m open for different opportunities to bring me back to Sevilla, whether they’re through an organization/company, or I make my own opportunity. All I know is, I need to go back. I have to. Something is calling me in Sevilla and I don’t quite what it is or what it’s for…but I know I can’t ignore the flame that has been burning slowly, almost unnoticed, for the past several years.

So far, through my research, one-way tickets to Madrid aren’t outrageously expensive for next May. I have enough JetBlue points (thank you Universe) to get me back to JFK where I would catch a one-way flight to Madrid and then take a train down to Sevilla. I would prefer a train because 1) I’m not a huuuuuge fan of flying  2) By the time I got through customs, into the domestic terminal, caught a short flight to Seville, took a taxi into the city…I almost feel like it would be the same amount of time/effort as if I just took a train. lol. And besides, I want to see the landscape from Madrid to Sevilla, since I never travelled north of Sevilla.


View from La Alhambra in Granada

Ahhhh. I can’t wait until I’m back :)

I found this video that I must’ve watched 1,000 times before I went to Sevilla the first time in college. Watching it now I started crying…that song will forever be connected to Spain for me. It’s beautiful.

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