Quick and easy chicken tacos

Quick, Easy Chicken Tacos

Quick, Easy Chicken TacosOne of my favorite parts about the weekend is that I am home for breakfast, lunch and (usually) dinner. I always make my meals throughout the week and take a meal-prepped lunch to work, but there is something really fun and relaxing about cooking on the weekend. It gives me a little time to experiment and make what I’m craving.

Today, that was chicken tacos.

I had all the ingredients in my fridge, because I had made chicken tacos and a chicken taco salad earlier in the week.

And because I had all the ingredients here and ready to go, my lunch was made in about 10 minutes. #winning


  1. Corn tortillas*
  2. Salsa*
  3. Avocados
  4. Lettuce
  5. Chicken (I used a roast chicken from the grocery store)
  6. Black beans*

Quick and healthy chicken tacos

*When buying these things, look for brands with the least amount of ingredients. For example, corn tortillas, I used organic corn tortillas with just water, stoneground organic yellow corn flower and lime. Avoid brands that have a paragraph-long ingredient list. That’s bull shit. Seriously. Why the hell do you need 20 ingredients to make corn tortillas or salsa. My salsa is from a local ‘mom and pop’ Mexican restaurant here in the city and is made with fresh ingredients (no weird fillers, sugars or chemicals…because, again, WHY.) When getting black beans, just get…black beans. I noticed some brands add “spices” and “flavors” to it. Ew, no. Just get the plain black beans dammit.



Quick, healthy chicken tacosI turned my oven on to “bake” at 400º and placed 2 tortillas on the rack, so they could heat and crisp up a bit.

After about 5-7 minutes, they were cooked/heated to my liking and I placed them on the plate.

From there I mashed 1/4 of an avocado on each tortilla. (You can use less if you want, I’m just an avocado, healthy fats/oils fanatic.) Then I placed the lettuce leaves on that (so they’d sort of stick lol). Topped it with black beans, salsa and pieces of roast chicken. Added a little sea salt and pepper and lunch was served!

Super yummy :)

You can do any variation of this if you want, make them vegetarian, add cheese, etc. Whatever you like. These tacos are delicious and made with whole food ingredients.
You can easily make this into a taco salad by putting all of those ingredients into a bowl of mixed greens. You can crumble a crispy corn tortilla on top, or omit it completely.

Healthy Chicken Tacos

What are your favorite taco recipes?

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