It’s my first post…time to shimmy in celebration.

Lindsey on Motorcycle, Spiritual Badass

I spent a disgustingly large amount of time setting up this blog. Like, I got to the point where I was in tears, about ready to tear my hair out and pitch my computer out the fire escape doorway into the street below.

It was partly my OCD, lack of WordPress/design skills and procrastination coming from a place of fear and uncertainty about this blog.

See, I’ve started blogs in the past that have died a natural death or haven’t gotten past the first post. Like, I lose interest or give up after a while. I think I have that subconscious feeling of “Oh, I’m going to fail again,” or “Nobody is going to read this, so why bother.”

Well, I am the only one that can say whether I fail or succeed, so I choose success. And if nobody is going to read this then, glory hallelujah, I can write whatever the fuck I want.

Lindsey on Motorcycle, Spiritual BadassAnyways, I have big visions, ideas and passion for this blog and what I want it to become. But I was letting a little shittle thing like picking out a theme stand in the way of publishing my genius.

Another thing I should point out: I’m sarcastic. Take most all comments of mine with a grain of salt. Oh, and I swear. A lot.

So, rather than chucking my computer out the fire escape, I decided to get up, stretch and get a glass of wine.

And now here I am, glass (and a half) of wine in hand and I’ve FINALLY chillaxed enough to choose a god damn theme, be pleased with it and WRITE MY FIRST POST.

Oh em gee.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get anything super important or inspirational out tonight, so I guess I’ll entertain with some “fun facts” that you won’t find on my “About Page.” Well, maybe you will, I haven’t written it yet, so anything is possible.

  1. I have a weird obsession with hashtags. Not like purposeful, let-me-use-these-accurately hashtags, like the awkward hashtagging. Things that shouldn’t be hashtagged, I hashtag. I sometimes hashtag a hashtag. #badassiknow
  2. GIFs and Memes are hilarious and I will be using them on my blog. You know the kind of shit BuzzFeed writes with all their GIFs? LOVE IT.Bad Luck Brian Hunger Games
  3. I have an eclectic taste in music. I’m currently jamming to Electro Swing (didn’t know that was a thing until The Great Gatsby came out a few years ago), but I am a walking singing encyclopedia of show tunes, a HUGE fan of Pitbull (“Fireball,” anyone?), a Mumford & Sons adorer, classical music enthusiast, and can I grind dance along with everyone else to club/house music. Truly depends on my mood.
  4. Me and PearlI have a bird named Pearl. He is my baby of 15 years. A cockatiel. The current love of my life. Which brings me to the next fact…
  5. #singlesallyfordayz. I’m not saying I’m opposed to a relationship, I just happen to be more of an independent/free-spirit. But I am currently plotting a way to meet Trevor Noah, have the two of us fall in love and live happily ever after. What? He’s cute, sexy, smart, funny, the host of The Daily Show AND he has an accent. That is one fine package.
  6. I’m 25 and living in San Francisco. I was born/raised in San Diego and actually plan to move back there before too long. San Fran is awesome, just not my city.Lindsey In Young Frankenstein
  7. I am a really good singer, dancer and actor. Seriously. It’s rare that I openly compliment myself, but I’m actually quite good at all three of those things. Nothing that I’ve ever done in my life has ever matched the passion and love I have for musical theatre. Audition to final performance, I love every second of it.

Thaaaaat’s about it for now.

Well, I guess if you’re still reading I should say what my purpose for this blog is:

To make you laugh. To make you smile. To encourage you to go out and explore. Explore yourself from the inside out. Explore the world because, if not NOW, then when? To encourage you to embrace your inner voice and wisdom. To live your truth and do what is right and most important to you.

If it makes YOU happy and fulfilled, if it’s aligned with YOUR truth, if you can support yourself doing it and you’re doing good for the world in one way or another, my answer will always be: Well, go fucking do it.

I have a huge fear of looking back on my life and feeling regret for things I did not do. Things I didn’t try. Seriously, I get panicky and start to cry sometimes over the thought of being 50 years old and looking back on my twenties and wishing I had done something while I had the chance and desire to.

There’s no “right” path in life. Yes, there is the “social norm.” But not everyone has to do that. The only “right” path in life is the one that fulfills you, makes you happy and is aligned with your inner voice and truth. End of story.

Be true to you. Live your life to the fullest in the present moment. Don’t wait. Don’t put anything off until later…because you don’t know if that “later” will ever happen.

Not to get all morbid and down, I’m just being real.

And now that I went from talking about GIFs to the fact that we all could potentially die tomorrow….

AHEM. *chugs wine*

I’m open to conversations. Questions. Growing a community of awesome people. Having people join together in the adventurous journey of life.

Love you all already….even though my blog hasn’t gotten one view….yet.

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